Сергей Соболев, скульптор




Sergey Sobolev - artist, sculptor, designer, architect, art theorist, curator, metaphysician.

A graduate of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum and the Moscow Academic Art Institute named after Surikov.

Theorist of direction "Metadesign", and the theoretical concept of «Megaform», researcher in the field of morphology and formtherapy.

Author branding concept "Logo-sculpture". Ideologist and follower of minimalism and eco-design.

Founder ( together with Olga Muravina) and art Director of the Studio "Ars forma" and own label "SoboS".

Also, was co-founder and creative Director of design Studio "Neplosko" and the Studio "MOSSart". The founder and leader of the workshop "Neoclassica".

Works in the space of contemporary sculpture, art design, conceptual architecture, the author of numerous sculptures and art items in the eco-minimalism style.

Main thesis of activity "The form has a value" It`s a manifesto in defence of the quality of the form.

Actively engaged in the design of objects and environment. Promotes ideas of sculptural design and sculptural architecture.

Participant and winner of many competitions in the field of sculpture, design and architecture.

Participant of more than 40 thematic and solo exhibitions.

Member of the Moscow Union of artists, Moscow Association of sculptors and the Moscow Union of designers.


Distinctive styles and artistic direction:

Minimalism, futurism, surrealism, symbolism, constructivism, neo-classicism.


Main topics:

General humanistic orientation, ecology, relationships, internal development, society, esoteric of the soul, male and female, the search for the meaning of life.


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